2020 Pinetop Perkins Piano Player Blues Music Award Nominee - Blues Foundation Memphis, TN

"It's been said often that one's reputation is determined by the people one picks as friends and collaborators.  If true, then count Anthony Geraci as one well respected musician ...Including Geraci, count how many Blues Music Awards and nominations this talented roster has amassed.  The real fun comes when Geraci shuffles the players from each coast to ignite the session." 

- Art Tipaldi, Editor, Blues Music Magazine

Anthony Geraci’s Why Did You Have To Go is a masterpiece of original Blues, and features an unparalleled array of musical talent: Sugaray Rayford, Ronnie Earl, Monster Mike Welch, Sugar Ray Norcia, Kid Ramos, Jimi Bott, Willie J. Campbell, Michelle “Evil Gal” Willson, Dennis Brennan, Michael Mudcat Ward, Doug Woolverton, Willie J. Laws, Brian Templeton, Sax Gordon, Marty Richards, Troy Gonyea, and Neil Gouvin.

Press Quotes

This is pure blues, rendered by the many of its best players, It’s every bit as good as Fifty Shades of Blue. That’s saying plenty. This is as good as the blues gets.
- Jim Hynes, Elmore Magazine September 2018

“...every song makes an emphatic impression courtesy of a superb group of studio musicians who adeptly punctuate every note and nuance of Geraci's original tunes...Why Did You Have to Go is more than the sum of its parts. A superb set of songs. Each number offers ample reason to return for repeat listens.”
- Lee Zimmerman, Living Blues

“There is so much to enjoy on this recording from the fresh, varied material from Geraci, his own consistently strong playing, a solid studio band and terrific singing and playing. Why Did You Have To Go is superb.”
- Ron Weinstock, In A Blue Mood

Altogether a blues album of the highest order, the set actually closes with several of these masters of their craft exchanging ideas and blending wonderfully within the breezy, beautiful jazz of “A Minor, Affair.” The players certainly say it all here, but the songcraft too lifts Why Did You Have To Go into the category of extraordinary blues albums.
- Tom Clarke, Tahoe Onstage

One of our biggest joys is listening to the versatile Geraci as his music is always new and refreshing. This jam packed album should further elevate Geraci as he continues his musical journey.
- Richard Ludmerer, Making A Scene September 2018

"You're a heck of a piano player"
- B.B. King

Geraci’s exquisite piano work has been spotlighted in the past with Sugar Ray & The Bluetones and with Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters. As impressive as those gigs were, nothing prepared me for this album from Anthony Geraci and the Boston Blues All-Stars.
- Mark E. Gallo, Blues Bytes September 2015

The album lives up to its title as the gathered faithful tear it up through country blues, pop-inflected blues, jazz, ragtime, and driving rock and pure gut-wrenching power blues.- Henry L. Carrigan, Jr., Blues Blast Magazine May 2016

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Anthony Geraci Featured in Blues Blast Magazine

by Mark Thompson

One never knows when inspiration is going to strike. Sometimes it sneaks up from out of nowhere and leaves us thoroughly discombobulated. For Anthony Geraci, one of those moments occurred in high school. “When I first started in bands around 1967, I was really proud of myself when I finally learned the opening organ riff to “Light My Fire”. That was my big accomplishment at the time. But I was gravitating to the bluesier side even when I listened to the Doors, even if I didn’t recognize that Willie Dixon had written tunes like “Back Door Man,” without knowing about Muddy Waters or B.B. King. When I got to high school, I befriended another student, a musical cohort named Ed Cherry. He was a guitar player and literally the only African-American in the school”.  Continue Reading Full Interview

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